Thinking of taking your interest in photography to the next level?  Are you stuck in auto?  I can help!  I love teaching beginners and helping them grasp the principles of photography that can turn bad photos into good photos and good photos into great photos!  My instruction will focus mostly on the technical aspects of photography, helping you to understand exposure and ultimately giving you the knowledge to get your camera out of auto and take control.  You will not only take better photos, but you will also know why.  I teach to your camera, so you will know how to apply all you’ve learned to your camera!   Tuition is £300 (higher rate for weekend lessons and extra travel charges may apply depending on where we meet) and covers three hours of one-on-one instruction, completed over three separate one-hour sessions.  In addition to all the topics covered below, I am yours to ask all those photography questions you always wanted answers to and learn tricks of the trade!

Topics covered will include:

Exposure: Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO
Properly vs. creatively exposed images
Shooting Modes
Dealing with Contrasts
Underexposing and Overexposing with Purpose


I always wanted to take good photos of my kids.   So many times, holiday photos looked wrong.  Shannon taught me in less than three hours how to use my camera in manual mode so I could control the view I wanted to have of my scene.  Now I am able to take the photo as my eye sees it and not as the camera sees it.” – Lisa

Shannon is an excellent teacher.  I had taken lessons in digital photography before, but never got what I wanted out of the classes.  Three introductory lessons with Shannon was all it took for me to feel super confident with my camera and my photography.  Thanks to Shannon I only shoot in manual now.  I have recommended Shannon to many of my friends.  I wouldn’t do so if I wasn’t confident of her teaching.” – Devinka

Shannon’s lessons were just what I needed.   I was sure that in manual my photos would get much worse before they got better.  I was wrong.  In a short amount of time Shannon gave me the knowledge I needed to take my photography to the next level.” – Holly

“I desperately wanted to learn how to take better photos of my children and everyday life. When I got my DSLR, I tried to learn through website tutorials, but nothing made sense, so I thought it would be best to learn from a talented photographer like Shannon. I was amazed. Just a few hours with Shannon and everything became clear. I was shooting photos in manual in a matter of hours, and even better, I was confident in my new abilities. Now I have a priceless collection of photos that document my children and our life as a family. If you want to learn how to use your camera and take better photographs, I highly recommend learning from Shannon. Her love, talent and dedication to photography only enhance her clear and thorough teaching skills. ” – Lindsey